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The game is just a basic prototype. Its still in early developmental stages .We would like  you players to play through the game and let us know the experience in comments or via madhatgamestudios@gmail.com. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we appreciate it. Thanks for  your support. 

Minimum spec:

64-bit Windows-7,8,10

Atleast 2-GB RAM 

Nvidia 700 series or AMD Radeon equivalent or higher

Updated 20 days ago
TagsFirst-Person, Horror


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This was pretty fun and a little confusing but I enjoyed it.

Hi, thank you for playing the game. You could have escaped the house. You have to go through the door to escape. You missed it by this much. Thanks for your support!

I fairly enjoyed this for it to only be in early development. The passcode puzzle was fun! I liked having to grasp my memory for those digits.

Hi, thanks for playing the game and supporting us. The thing with entering the house of horror was fun.

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3D TV VR box google cardboard side by side SBS video


Hi we had not seen our demo in stereoscopic 3D. Thank you for showing us how it looks in 3D. Thanks for the support. 


Hey! I played your demo and I see a lot of promise! it is actually the first game I've played on my solo youtube channel and I really enjoyed it!   I had a couple critiques here and there in the video, but over all (especially for a prototype!) It was a good creepy experience.

Spoiler, I manage to escape at the end despite my own idiocy. (In the video I cut out about 10 minutes of me running around being dumb.)

Hi, thank you for making a video of your play through! We have a lot to learn and player feedback is most valuable. Thank you for the support and feedback!


Hello :) I think this game has potential but I would focus more on the atmosphere than just the jumpscares :) This is really well made for a prototype. I uploaded a video on my channel where I completed the game :) 

Hi, Thank you for playing the game and making a video! It helps us a lot. We will make things more sophisticated than what it is right now. Thanks for your support and feedback.

You're welcome. I'm looking forward to the full release :D


I agree with Mister, I see potential. I'd like to see more tension and puzzles. :)

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Thank you for making the video of your gameplay. We learnt so much from it. Spoiler Alert!The four digit password lies in music that is  played by the music box after getting 2 cells. We hope you play again and get out of the house. Thanks for the support.

I'm definitely playing, I think my prolonged stay in the house may be detrimental to my health. :) 

Hi did you go around to escape the house? We hope you liked it!

I died first and then yes... :) 


Definitely has potential, there were some nicely done scenes. Think the player could do with some sort of hints as I was frequently unsure as to how to proceed. So far I have made it as far as obtaining the axe but have no idea where to go from there. 


Spoiler Alert!The four digit password lies in music that is  played by the music box after getting 2 cells.Thanks for trying out the  game and giving us feedback. We hope you play again and get out of the house.